Shipmates On Eternal Deployment

Eternal Father, strong to save, Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep Its own appointed limits keep,
O hear us when we cry to thee For those in peril on the sea!

Lord, guard and guide the men who fly Through the great spaces in the sky.
Be with them always in the air, In darkening storms or sunlight fair.
O hear us when we lift our prayer For those in peril in the air!

Eternal Father, grant, we pray, To all Marines, both night and day,
The courage, honor, strength, and skill Their Land to serve, thy law fulfill;
Be thou the shield forevermore From every peril to the Corps!

CV-3 Shipmates Names Appearing on Killed In Action Plaque Located On Hanger Deck of U.S.S. Yorktown

Ships Company

Russell M. Amudson, BM2/C

Harold W. Ahnett, F1/C

Perry E. Baker, Sc/C

Milton E. Bassett, AMM2/C

William F. Beck, F1/C

Gerald J. Bertrant, AMM1/C

Lt. Commander J. Bevier

Henry J. Blaski, S2/C

Robert B. Boissonneault, S1/C

Manley S. Boudreaux, S1/C

Robert L. Brittenham, S2/C

William O. Brooks, STM1/C

Mach. Raymond C. Brown

John I. Brunell, AMM2/C

Lt. Archie M. Buckley

Rene H. Caldwell, S2/C

Pete Calipetis, F1/C

Robert K. Cameron, S2/C

Julian H. Cherrington, GM1/C

Charles M. Connor, AMM2/C

Able F. Cook, S2/C

Alfred M. Crooks, BM2/C

Lt.JG John W. Crowe, Jr.

Jim W. Curtis, WT3/C

Joe A. Dipauli, SF2/C

Herbert L. Drake, S1/C

Harry L. Drew, RM3/C

Mason L. Dunnaway, S1/C

Mach. Maurice L. Flack

Bennard M. Fort, ACMM

Jack Funes, GM3/C

Roger A. Gale, MUS2/C

George H. Geis, Jr. S2/C

Harold D. Giles, GM2/C

Kenneth D. Girard, S1/C

William V. Goodwin, Cox.

Herbert W. Gordon, ACMM

George E. Graves, S1/C

Arthur A. Gresser, F2/C

Richard E. Heldenbrand, S2/C

William L. Hertz, S1/C

George B. Holfman, AMM2/C

Swift Hogue, S1/C

Joseph E. Hole, Jr. S2/C

Marshall T. Hornsby, WT2/C

John G. Horrocks, S1/C

Warner G. Horrocks, S1/C

H.E. "Huck" Huckabee, S1/C

William S. Huth, S1/C

Roy M. Inbody, RM3/C

James H. Jackson, FC3/C

Fred E. Jacobs, S1/C

Arther W. Johnson, WT2/C

Elvind O. Johnson, ACMM

Ralph C. Johnson, S1/C

Paul R. Kachuk, CCMA

Joseph W. Keeton, CSKA

John A. Keith, S1/C

Frederick A. Kreutler, Jr. S1/C

John P. Ladwitz, MMS3/C

Charles J. Laymon, S2/C

Theodore E. Lefevre, S1/C

Lt. William G. Liddie, Jr.

Thomas H. Lnton, S1/C

Salvatore Londind, S1/C

Jack W. Loudermilk, ACMM

William D. Lynch, Cox.

Garner W. March, WT2/C

Frank J. McTighe, ARM3/C

Otto Megason, MM1/C

Jack E. Miles, S1/C

Charles T. Mills, AMM1/C

Charles H. Miner, S1/C

John E. Molock, AMM1/C

Victor R. Molthen, S1/C

Joseph M. Moore, CGMA

Antonio M. Moriconi, S1/C

Myron F. Muehler, F1/C

Eugene F. Neville, S1/C

Joseph F. Novk, ACMM

Carl A. Ogle, S1/C

Anthony Papadopoulos, F1/C

Joseph F. Paris, S1/C

Thomas G. Perkins, AMM2/C

Aloysius W. Prymula, F2/C

Forest M. Putman, F1/C

Osborn K. Rainwater, F1/C

Paul Redemski, S1/C

Curtis W. Sadd, S1/C

Richard E. Sadler, WT1/C

James C. Screeton, BM3/C

Emil Simak, ACMM

William J. Simmons, S1/C

Henry F. Smith, CWTA

Kenneth A. Smith, WT2/C

Raplh M. Smith, S2/C

Robert C. Smith, EM1/C

Henery L. Smoot, S1/C

John E. Sparks, EM3/C

Alfred W. Stoehred, S1/C

Robert E. Stdll, S1/C

Robert J. Stratton, S2/C

Thomas R. Taylor, WT1/C

Delory Thurman, S1/C

Lawrence E. Uhl, F2/C

John D. Vanalien, S2/C

Elmer M. Walters, S1/C

John A. Welsh, F1/C

Keynon L. Witters, AMM2/C

Jacob S. Zearfoss, S1/C

Harold M. Zerrenner, S1/C



Ens. William R. Bell

Lt. VIctor M. Gadron

Max V. Petes, ACM2/C

Clifford B. Pierce, S2/C

Ens. David S.Felsenthal

Robert O. Rotsel, ARM3/C

Ens. James A. Rutledge



Ens. Horace A. Bass Jr.

Lt. Marion W. Dufilho

Lt. Herbert T. Gill

Lt.JG William M. Holt

Ens. Robert L. Price

Lt.JG James C. Smith

Lt.JG Charles A. Tabberer



Ens. High D. Mcintosh



Lt.JG Tom G. Atwell

Paul T. Barnett, PHOM1/C

Donald M. Betts, ARM1/C

John E. Blane, Jr., ARM1/C

Harland J. Burrus, AOM2/C

Victor F. Deike, PHOM1/C

Carroll C. Hall, ARM2/C

Duncan F. Hallock, ACOM

Ens. Harold D. Hanson

James A. Holmes, AEM1/C

Myles C. James, ARM1/C

Ens. Leonard C. Kenner

Albert J. Legris, ARM2/C

Lt.JG James D. Miller

Lt.JG Robert D. Menning

Jerry L. O'Hagen, ARM3/C

Lt.JG Don G. Reeves

LCDR William E. Rowbotham

Lt.JG Arthur L. Teall

Clarence O. Warford, ACM2/C



Ens. Walter J. Bennett

Henry L. Bugay, AMM1/C

Lt.JG William R. Carey

Lt. Stewart E. Doty

Ormond G. Jackson, AMM1/C

Robert W. Mendenhall, ARM3/C

Ens. John P. Nelson

Elwood L. Moser, AMM1/C

Clyde H. Olsen, AMM1/C

CHCARP. Thomas R. Smith

Renaldo Vellutini, AMM1/C



PFC Spencer Eakin Allmond, USMCR

Corporal Wendell George Carvey, USMCR

PFC Michael Carl Fox, Jr., USMCR

GSgt Albert Sidney O'Neir, Jr., USMCR

Sgt John Joseph Rohan Jr., USMCR

First Lieutenant David Steinberg, USMCR

PFC Frank Thomas Titone, USMCR

PFC Belton Thomas Begley, USMCR

PFC Lloyd Marion Claytor, USMCR

PFC Lewis Robert Glass, USMCR

Corporal John Dolph Plilips, USMCR

PFC Charles Henry Seipp, Jr., USMCR

PFC Thomas Edward Tehan, USMCR

PFC William Joseph Wehmann, USMCR

Shipmates Who Lost Their Lives On The 1956 Shakedown Cruise

The following information was provided by Brad Senter

Ens. Gerald Hurbert Bentley  Attack Sqd. 33

Raymond Virgil Oaks  Aviation Electrician Mate 1st Class  Attack Sqd. 33

Oscar Franklin Hogg  Airman  V-1 Division

The Following Men Were Lost At Sea 1958

The following information was provided by Matt Pfeil, USN 1956-1960 VA-34

Attack Squadron 34

LTJG Donald T. Jackson, USNR

Heavy Attack Squadron 9

LT James L. Chaffee, USN

ENS Robert L. Martin, USNR

AD3 Richard G. Favreau, USN

Fighter Squadron 31

LTJG Kenneth C. Seawright, USNR

Shipmates Who Lost Their Lives On January 23, 1961 In The #2 Engine Room Fire

The following information was provided by Brad Senter

EMFA Robert J. Adamus

LTJG Anthony M. Atkinson

CDR Marshall E. Brenneman

BT3 Alvin D. Cusick

LT Robert G. Galbraith Jr.

LCDR Charles A. Matthews

SFC Jean E. Regan

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1962 Med Cruise

LCDR Robert Wilbur Paige

Carlton Stewart Hall

Alfred De La Cruz

Russell Brewer Claburn

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1963 Med Cruise

LCDR William T Harvey

LT Stuart Douglas Evans

LTJG James Thomas 

LT Jack R Menshouse

LTJG John Richard Richardson

Bennie Walker

Jack Augusta Sherrill

Joseph E Cummings

Donald William Cors


These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1964-1965 Med Cruise

CDR Richard G Layser

BM2 Hubert W Montgomery

Shipmates Who Lost Their Lives During An Air Crash At Souda Bay On The 1967 Mediterranean Cruise

The following information was provided by Brad Senter

LCDR Mitchel Soltys USN

LCDR Donald Bohis USN

AE2 James Weidwemuller USN

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1969-1970 Med Cruise

LCDR Guy M Houston

LCDR  Allen D Proctor

LTJG C.W. Hayes Jr.

AOC  Clifford H Van Loh

The Following Men Were Lost During The Vietnam Cruise

The following information was provided by Glenn L. Smith LCDR, USN (Ret) (CV60 '71-'74)

CDR Charles "M" Earnest

LCDR Frederick W. Wright

LT John J. Cabral

Mr. Harry J. Schanz

SH2 Courtland Hale

IMSN Gary L. Weller

AA Robert M. Norris

Listed as POW/MIA

LCDR Donald F. Lindland

LCDR Francis J. Davis

LCDR Robert S. Graustein

LCDR Dale V. Raebel

LCDR Barton S. Wade

LT Frederick J. Masterson

LT Robert I. Randall

LT Larry R. Kilpatrick

LTJG Roger G. Lerseth    


1. LT Randall was a POW who was returned in 1973. The others listed as POW/MIA (all were Pilots or RIOs)

2. CDR Earnest (CO VA-75) was lost while lauching his aircraft on a combat mission. His RIO ejected and was picked up by the plane guard destroyer

3. Mr. Harry Schanz (Brother of CDR T.L. Schanz, Sara's Supply Officer) was a civilian. He was killed in the fire in #2MMR while at anchor in Singapore. Two other shipmates listed as deceased were also killed in that fire

On The Back Cover Of The 1974-1975 Med Cruise Book There Is A Dedication To These Four Men Who Were Killed

The following information was provided by Edward L. Ellegood (CV60 '73-'76)

These two men were killed, when their RA-5C Vigilante crashed during a night landing off the western coast of North Africa.

Cdr Thomas W. Hogan, USN
Executive Officer, RVAH-11

LCdr Wayne T. Mulholland, USN
Recon/Attack Navigator, RVAH-11


His A-6 Intruder crashed into the sea during takeoff. Both crew members ejected however, only the pilot was rescued.

Lt Russell G. Lawrence, USN
Bombardier/Navigator, VA-75


While in transit across the Atlantic from Europe to the US he apparently fell overboard one night. A search was made but he was never found.

PR3 Gary D. Meithner, USN
Parachute Rigger, VA-37

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1976 Med Cruise

Information provided by Charles M. (Sparky) Anderson (VF-103 1974 - 1977)

These men died when their F4j crashed in in the Med.

Lt. Robert Hutchinson VF-31

Ltjg. Michael Collins VF-31

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1980 Med Cruise

CDR Anthony J Lynch

LTJG C J Morrow

SR Gregory S Cook

CDR Myron J Shaw

AN Thomas L Smith

YNCS Marvin E Blankenship

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1984 Med Cruise

LT Steven L Brandenburg

Michael R Washington

Edmund B Lagan

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1985-1986 Med Cruise

LCDR Gregory B Lane

LT Brian P Dunne

Michael A Slattery

Carl S Young

Dominic D Tavano

Robert Fink

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 87 Med Cruise

Information provided by ABH1 Steven Edelman USNR (CV60 '87)

The master Chief passed away during workups.

AFCM Kenneth Charles Annis
CVW-17 Command Master Chief

The two Lt.'s were involved in a tragic plane failure during an exercise.

Lt. James D. Hicks
Attack Squadron 85

Lt. Bruce E. Pommer
Attack Squadron 85

The fireman apprentice died while on liberty in Benidorm Spain.

FA Johnathan Gold
Engineering Department

Shipmates from CV-60, Killed when their Ferry the Al Tovia capsized 21 December 1990

AE3 Michael Belliveau, 24
Lakewood, CO

AA Christopher Brown, 19
Leslie, GA

AA Darrell Brown, 19
Memphis, TN

SN Monray Carrington, 22
North Braddock, PA

AN Larry Clark, 21
Decatur, GA

SM3 Delwin Delgado, 26
Jacksonville, FL

AO3 Anthony Fleming, 25
Buffalo, NY

AKAN Gilbert Fontaine, 22
Spring Valley, NY

FN Wilton Huyghue, 20
St. Thomas, V.I.

FC3 Timothy Jackson, 20
Anniston, AL

AA Alexander Jones, 19
St. Louis, MO

MSAA Nathaniel Kemp, 18
Greenwood, FL

AN Brent McCreight, 23
Eminence, KY

AA Randy Neel, 19
Alburquerque, NM

ABF2 Marvin Plummer, 27
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

DS3 Matthew Schiedler, 20
Hubbard, OR

DK3 Timothy Seay, 22
Thomaston, GA

MSAA Jeffrey Settimi, 25
Fort Wayne, IN

FCC Jeffrey Shukers, 28
Union, IA

RMSN Roderick Stewart, 20
Shreveport, LA

MS2 Philip Wilkinson, 35
Savannah, GA

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1990-1991 Med Cruise

Steven A Budzian

LCDR Michael S "Spike" Speicher

Saratoga Shipmate Lost On 17 January 1991

Navy pilot Michael “Scott” Speicher was the first casualty of the 1991 Gulf War. Shot down over Anbar Province, Iraq on a combat mission on Jan. 17, 1991. Speicher was declared killed by the Pentagon hours later.


Without conducting a Search and Rescue mission, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney went on television and announced the U.S. had suffered its first casualty of the war.


10 years later, the Navy changed his status to missing in action, citing an absence of evidence that Speicher had died. In October 2002, the Navy switched his status to “missing/captured,” although it has never said what evidence it had that he ever was in captivity.


On August 2, 2009 positive ID was made on human remains found buried in the desert close to the area where his plane was shot down, to be that of Capt. Mike Speicher.

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1992 Med Cruise

Daniel J Sites

These Men Passed Away During Saratoga's 1994 Final Cruise

LT Scott C Bubeck

Stephan J Schroeder

Brian C James

Saratoga Shipmates Lost On 11 September 2001

The following information was provided by Brad Senter

Capt. Charles “Chic” Burlingame Pilot, American Airlines Flight 77

Capt. Victor J. Saracini Pilot, United Airlines Flight 175

Adm. & Mrs. Wilson “Bud” Flagg Passengers, American Airlines Flight 77

Ken Brayer (CV-60 Eng. Officer) was working on the 104th floor of the WTC’s south tower

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