Saratoga Shipmate Lost On 17 January 1991

Navy pilot Michael “Scott” Speicher was the first casualty of the 1991 Gulf War. Shot down over Anbar Province, Iraq on a combat mission on Jan. 17, 1991. Speicher was declared killed by the Pentagon hours later.


Without conducting a Search and Rescue mission, Defense Secretary Dick Cheney went on television and announced the U.S. had suffered its first casualty of the war.


10 years later, the Navy changed his status to missing in action, citing an absence of evidence that Speicher had died. In October 2002, the Navy switched his status to “missing/captured,” although it has never said what evidence it had that he ever was in captivity.


On August 2, 2009 positive ID was made on human remains found buried in the desert close to the area where his plane was shot down, to be that of Capt. Mike Speicher.

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