On The Back Cover Of The 1974-1975 Med Cruise Book There Is A Dedication To These Four Men Who Were Killed

The following information was provided by Edward L. Ellegood (CV60 '73-'76)

These two men were killed, when their RA-5C Vigilante crashed during a night landing off the western coast of North Africa.

Cdr Thomas W. Hogan, USN
Executive Officer, RVAH-11

LCdr Wayne T. Mulholland, USN
Recon/Attack Navigator, RVAH-11


His A-6 Intruder crashed into the sea during takeoff. Both crew members ejected however, only the pilot was rescued.

Lt Russell G. Lawrence, USN
Bombardier/Navigator, VA-75


While in transit across the Atlantic from Europe to the US he apparently fell overboard one night. A search was made but he was never found.

PR3 Gary D. Meithner, USN
Parachute Rigger, VA-37

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