Shipmates from CV-60, Killed when their Ferry the Al Tovia capsized 21 December 1990

AE3 Michael Belliveau, 24
Lakewood, CO

AA Christopher Brown, 19
Leslie, GA

AA Darrell Brown, 19
Memphis, TN

SN Monray Carrington, 22
North Braddock, PA

AN Larry Clark, 21
Decatur, GA

SM3 Delwin Delgado, 26
Jacksonville, FL

AO3 Anthony Fleming, 25
Buffalo, NY

AKAN Gilbert Fontaine, 22
Spring Valley, NY

FN Wilton Huyghue, 20
St. Thomas, V.I.

FC3 Timothy Jackson, 20
Anniston, AL

AA Alexander Jones, 19
St. Louis, MO

MSAA Nathaniel Kemp, 18
Greenwood, FL

AN Brent McCreight, 23
Eminence, KY

AA Randy Neel, 19
Alburquerque, NM

ABF2 Marvin Plummer, 27
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

DS3 Matthew Schiedler, 20
Hubbard, OR

DK3 Timothy Seay, 22
Thomaston, GA

MSAA Jeffrey Settimi, 25
Fort Wayne, IN

FCC Jeffrey Shukers, 28
Union, IA

RMSN Roderick Stewart, 20
Shreveport, LA

MS2 Philip Wilkinson, 35
Savannah, GA

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