The Following Men Were Lost During The Vietnam Cruise

The following information was provided by Glenn L. Smith LCDR, USN (Ret) (CV60 '71-'74)

CDR Charles "M" Earnest

LCDR Frederick W. Wright

LT John J. Cabral

Mr. Harry J. Schanz

SH2 Courtland Hale

IMSN Gary L. Weller

AA Robert M. Norris

Listed as POW/MIA

LCDR Donald F. Lindland

LCDR Francis J. Davis

LCDR Robert S. Graustein

LCDR Dale V. Raebel

LCDR Barton S. Wade

LT Frederick J. Masterson

LT Robert I. Randall

LT Larry R. Kilpatrick

LTJG Roger G. Lerseth    


1. LT Randall was a POW who was returned in 1973. The others listed as POW/MIA (all were Pilots or RIOs)

2. CDR Earnest (CO VA-75) was lost while lauching his aircraft on a combat mission. His RIO ejected and was picked up by the plane guard destroyer

3. Mr. Harry Schanz (Brother of CDR T.L. Schanz, Sara's Supply Officer) was a civilian. He was killed in the fire in #2MMR while at anchor in Singapore. Two other shipmates listed as deceased were also killed in that fire

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